Liz Breaks Free

So far I am a little over half-way through “Breaking Night” and a significant event has taken place. The main character, Liz, left her home to live on the streets. Liz, after being released from a government child services house, had been living with her mom, sister, and mom’s boyfriend. She started a new school and, for the first time in her life, had friends. Her friends gave her a sense of empowerment and comfort. For once in her life she had different houses to escape to and something to look forward to. One day, after her mom’s boyfriend kicked Liz’s best friend out of their home, Liz decided to follow. For months on end Liz and her best friend, Sam, were forced to fend for themselves on the street. From stealing food, finding warm places to sleep, and raiding their friends houses they managed to get by. The act of Liz leaving her home and family behind is so significant because it is the first step to her creating her own life. Liz loves her family and hated to leave her sick mother behind, but she knew that her life should not have been lived that way. She was always an independent child and now, at 15, is completely self-supportive. I can’t imagine not having a warm bed to come home to or how difficult it must have been to leave her family behind. Liz was homeless, at the age of 15, on the streets of New York. It is incredible how she managed to get by with no money or materials.

I would strongly recommend my book and am curious to see how long Liz can maintain the lifestyle she is living.  No body should have to endure some of the things Liz has had to go through. It is extremely eye-opening because I have no idea how many other kids are living like Liz is. It is easy to get caught up in your own life and problems and not take into consideration how much worse off other people have it. I am the first to admit that my life is pretty sheltered and I had no idea that there are so many kids my age living the way Liz is.



Initial thoughts on Breaking Night

So far I am about one fourth of the way through Breaking Night by LIz Murray. I was initially shocked by the conditions the young girl, Liz, had to endure. At such a young age she was exposed to a lifestyle no one should ever have to experience. I initially thought her life was horrific enough, but as I continued to read I gradually became more and more shocked. Liz’s family has absolutely no income and the little money they do get from the government is immediately spent on drugs and alcohol. Liz has grown up hungry and dirty.

One of the points I have read so far that has been the most inspirational was when she realized she could do something about her hunger. This young, eight year old girl, is having to get her own money to feed herself. Liz is proactive and instead of complaining or letting herself starve she does something. Liz began skipping school and going to bag groceries for tips, just to eat. No young child should have to worry about when or where their next meal will come from. It has shocked me that her parents don’t give more of an effort to get a job and support their children. So far Liz has managed to pass school with hardly even showing up by getting outstanding test scores and I am curious to see how long this will last, or how her education continues.

Her parents are very loving, but way more concerned about getting high than Liz or her sister. Also, Liz’s mom has just told her that she has HIV. Liz knows she will eventually loose her mother, who she loves with all her heart. Liz gives a lot of the money she earns through working to her mother because she loves and cares about her so much. Her mom just spends it on drugs but Liz just wants her mom to be happy and love her. 

So far I find Liz Murray has a role model. She has opened my eyes to the different situations in the world and made me extremely thankful for my own. She has shown me not to take what I have for granite and how hard work can get you almost anywhere in life. Liz has been proactive and it has saved her life. 


I chose this image because it shows a young girl in an apartment I can picture as the Murray’s. She looks scared and alone. Liz’s parents don’t care how poor the conditions they live in are or want to spend any money to maintain their apartment. 


Who am I?



Who am I?

I am the salt to the sea,
essential and seasoning.

I am the Prince William to Kate,
royal and endearing

trying their best to impress the world
but of course not perfect.

I am the beachball to our slow laptops,
confused with all the different commands.

I am the color to Lilly Pullitzer,
A line built from pure happiness.

I try to be someone I am proud of
And something nobody else is

I don’t really know who I am
But neither does anybody else

I am who I am
and that’s all I can be

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Where do poems come from?

Poems can come from anything from fond memories to dark moments. Poems are a way to transform thoughts into organized words and lines. Poems can be silly thoughts or deep dark secrets. For some people writing poems is very therapeutic because it allows them to put thoughts and memories into legible words. others just write poems for fun. All poems have some sort of origin and messages no matter what type of poem but actually infinite sources through all the many possibilities a writer could ever imagine and write about. People get inspiration to write poems from the vast world around them. There are so many different forms of nature, people, places, and things topics are infinite and people are constantly getting inspired. There is no one particular place that poems come from but actually an unlimited source from the world around us and peoples’ imaginations. Poems can be anything from two short lines to pages and pages of lines. They allow people to express their thoughts without having to follow any specific guidelines. Overall poems come from what is on your mind, good or bad. In general most people write from certain points of view which they developed from life experiences. No poems are alike and they all have different stories behind them.